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Video Bridge Saw Gmm - Loading and Unloading

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Automatic slab loading and unloading system for Gmm automatic bridge saw

On today’s numeric control saws,
automatic cutting cycle speeds are becoming more and more demanding. These machines are cutting at both high speed and high precision pieces, for example, kitchens, bathrooms, and other pieces. This requirement has given rise to GMM has producing a fully automated system for loading and unloading slabs in a safe and speedy way.

The automated system for loading and unloading of the bridge saw is based on the exchange of two tables.
The exchange is made within the workspace of the machine via a lifting system in order to reduce the space needed. Transbording of load is by means of a tilting table so as to allow the vertical loading of the slab and unloading of the material which has been cut, in horizontal.
During the cutting phase of the saw, the transbording is in the external position of work allowing the operator to load and unload without any down time.
The system can be designed for front or side loading to meet the different needs of each shop.

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